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Top 10 Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar For your Health and Beauty Care



Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar – Since a long time ago, the benefits off apple cider vinegar are already well-known around the world. This vinegar itself is a result from apple juice fermentation. Yet, the benefits it has are not as simply as your typical kitchen remedies. Let’s see how this vinegar has many benefits for you, people.

Apple cider vinegar is good for health

Old saying tells us that “Health is expensive”, and that is true. Just imagine how much it costs when you are sick. The expensive hospital fee, drugs and all of the money you spend for health care. But how if you can take care of your health by using one of your kitchen remedy?

Apple cider vinegar is not a magical potion which will work with all of diseases. But, it is really useful for some health problems.

1. It help to control blood sugar

One of benefits to use this vinegar is to control blood sugar. It improves your insulin sensitivity which will help to reduce the blood sugar. That’s why consuming this vinegar is recommended for people with diabetes.You can simply consume 2 spoons before you going to bed.

2. Good to control your weight

Obesity can be dangerous, people who realize that fact try various ways to get the normal weight. The others want to lose their weight to have an ideal body goal. Whatever the motivation they have in mind to get weight loss, unfortunately, many of them use extreme ways. They are too busy to realize that one of home remedy can solve this weight problem.

Several researchs proved that this vinegar can help someone to feel full. Another study showed that people who consume this kind of vinegar can lose up to 275 calories in a day.

A study also has been conducted to see the effect of consuming this kind of vinegar for 12 weeks. The study reported that people who drank one spoon everyday, can lost 1,2 kilograms. And people who drank 2 spoons, lost 1,7 kilograms. Take note that it took 12 weeks to see such significant effect of this diet programes. So, if you want to try this method, you should wait patiently to see the result.

It is also important to bear in mind that this kind of vinegar help to promote weight loss. But it will not work if you ignore healthy meals and doing exercise.

3. Lower the risk of cancer

Apple cider vinegar consumption also help to reduce the risk of cancer and help to slow down the cancer cells.
Many studies proved that apple cider vinegar has many benefits. It also work to cure other health problems such as tummy troubles, sore throat, even hiccups, and other problems.

Apple cider vinegar is good for your beauty

It has been mentioned lately, this kind of vinegar is not a magic potion, yet it is very useful. It is not only for your health, but also for your beauty care.

Many cosmetics and beauty care products can be bought everywhere. Yet, not all of those cosmetics are good for you. Most of them are chemical basis, and it can danger your body part such as your skin. If you are looking for something works but safe at the same time, this vinegar is a good choice for you.

1. For skin

Apple cider vinegar is nice for skin. It can brighten your skin tone. With its antimicrobal components, this can be a good cleanser for your skin. This vinegar also can remove the dead skin and promote good circulation. As the result, it can make your skin looks brighter. Do you wanna try it?

2. Whiten teeth

A beautiful smile is everyone’s dream. Yet, dark teeth color can destroy that dream. Luckyly, you have kind of vinegar to solve such problem. You can simply mix an amount of apple cider vinegar with water (1 part ACV : 2 parts water). Gargle it for a minute, then rinse your mouth. Do not brush your teeth as soon as you rinse your mouth, but wait for a half of hour.

3. Soften your skin

Do you know that this vinegar mad from apple fermentation also has many kind of vitamins? Actualy, it contains many vitamins like B1, B2, B6 and vitamins C, which help to nourish and make your skin feel softer. You can have it bath by pour an amount of it into the water in your bathub.

4. Dandruff Control

The unbalance pH of our scalp, moreover if it is too alkaline, can cause dandruff. And this kind of vinegar helps to restore the scalp into it natural pH. You can control the pH on your scalp by mixing some apple cider vinegar with water. Mix it with 1 part of ACV and 1 part of water. Pour it slowly onto your scalp and hair. Give a gentle massage on your scalp and rinse it with water.

5. Cleanse makeup brushes

All women know that they have to keep their make up stuffs clean. It is since bacterias like to be in the dirty ones. This vinegar contains antifungal and antibacteria properties which will help to fight the bacterias on the brushes.
It is not difficult at all to have such clean brushes. You can soak them in distilled water which has been mixed with apple cider vinegar. Rinse the brushes, and dry them out. Repeat this everytime you see that your make up brushes are dirty.

6. Apple cider vinegar for razor burn

When you get a razor burn, simply saturate a cotton ball with apple cider vinegar and pat it gently onto the burn. It soothes the irritation and prevents the further infection.
Okay, now we have known that apple cider vinegar has many benefits, both for health and beauty care. It is a good news to know that our kitchen remedy has such amazing advantages. Moreover, it is easy to get, not as expensive as the chemical basis cosmestics, and safe for your health.

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