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15 Impressive Benefits of Black Tea that You Didn’t Know About



Benefits of Black Tea Tea is a type of beverage with aromatic scent prepared by infusing ingredients such as leaves with the boiling water. Tea has been one of the oldest beverages and sometimes also used as the medicine for various kinds of disease and illness. Black Tea is a variation of tea which has undergoes extreme extensive oxidation process compared to other extensive teas such as oolong, green, and white teas. The black tea exhibits much stronger flavor and comprises of much more caffeine than other variety of teas.

The variety usage of Black Tea

In the past, the black tea is not just used as a beverage for people to consume with. In several countries such as China and Taiwan, The black tea is known for more popular name called “The Crimson Tea” which is based on the color description of the tea. One of the black tea’s main characteristic is that due to the black tea’s strong flavor, the black tea is said to be able hold its flavor for couple of years. Other type of tea such as the green tea is only able to retain its flavor for only about momentary period of a year. This is basically also one of the reason why the black tea is so popular in the 19th Century. In that period of time, the black tea was so popular that blocks of black tea was used as the kind of currency in certain countries such as Tibet, Mongolia, and Siberia. In China during the era of Tang Dynasty, the black tea was used as the cloth dye wore by the lower classes people who were unable to afford the better quality dyes presented during that period of time.

The benefits of Drinking black tea regularly

Black tea has been one of the popular healthy beverages consumed since it was originated during the late period era of Ming Dynasty ago in China. The magnificent benefits of black tea are endless and due to its antioxidant and its variation of phytonutrients which are able to grant the healing benefit to the body and flush out unwanted toxic attributes from your body. Even though it possess higher amount caffeine than other teas but still lacking compared to the caffeine amount in a coffee. Here are the following benefits of drinking black tea regularly in your life:

  1. Good Treatment for heart
  • As we all know that the heart is our most vital organ in the entire body. Its function is incredibly important to the body as the body cannot be alive without the heart. Therefore it is imperative to us to “Really” take good care of the heart’s health. Maintaining the health of the heart is also one of the attribute offered by the black tea. The black tea is known to be able to improve the health of heart itself. Due to the research study confirmed by scientists, drinking the black tea regularly with the amount of 3 cups per day would be able to properly decrease chance of infected by coronary heart illness.
  1. Diabetes Preventive Treatment
  • Diabetes has been one of the early disease of the more serious complications and disease such as stroke, chronic kidney disease cardiovascular disease and other diseases. The cause for the diabetes is because the pancreas within our body is not capable of producing enough amount of insulin for the body or it is also possible because the body is unable to respond properly to the amount of insulin produced within the body. Therefore this dangerous disease must be prevented or taken care of as soon as possible before it evolved into more dangerous disease in the future. It is proven by the scientists that the black tea is able to help reducing the risk of type 2 Diabetes due its catechins and theaflavins black tea properties. Those properties are able to make your body more insulin sensitive and able to prevent beta cell dysfunction.
  1. Boosting the health of Immunity
  • The mutation of DNA tends to be caused by the oxygen radicals is able to hinder the function of normal cell. This in turn could cause the inflammation or inflammation activation within our body which would finally resulting in stress of the body. In order to treat this, black tea possess the necessary antioxidant attribute which is capable of help scavenging the free oxygen radicals. This would resulting in the helping the body to be restored into its normal cell functionality and also boosts the body’s immunity.
  1. Improving the health of body’s bone
  • One of the important function offered by the black tea is its capability of restoring the density of human bones as black tea is an ingredient capable of substituting calcium. As we all know that human bone is an important part of the body is acting as the foundation of our body structure. A complications in the bones may cause disability function to our body for the rest of our lives. Therefore, it is highly recommended for you to make this black tea part of your healthy consumption in order to prevent the reduction of bone density, bone fracture risk, and osteoporosis in the future.
  1. Better Digestive Tract
  • Consuming black tea regularly would grant you better count and good gut microbe. The black tea is capable of acting as the prebiotic which is capable of increasing the good gut bacteria in the body. Not only that, the tea is also capable of preventing the growth of the unused bad bacteria within the gut which could cause the stomach cancers, stomach ulcers, and colorectal.
  1. Asthma Treatment
  • The caffeine present in the black tea is proved to be able to aid with lung function. Also, the flavonoids attribute which existed in the black tea also has valuable effect for people who have asthma.
  1. Increase Mental Awareness
  • Drinking black tea also as the beneficial of increasing your mental awareness. Study research from Netherland stated that the people who drank the black tea possess stronger span of auditory and visual awareness compared to those who don’t.
  1. Prevent skin Infection
  • The properties of Black tea’s catechins and flavonoids is believed to capable of preventing skin infections.
  1. Fighting Skin cancer
  • Due to the properties of Black tea’s antioxidant, the black tea is a good treatment in fighting off the skin cancer.
  1. Skin Regeneration Acceleration
  • Malaysian Researchers study shows that by drinking the black tea would help accelerating the closing of a wound.
  1. Preventing Hair fall
  • Drinking Black tea regularly might help you in preventing further hair fall towards your hair.
  1. Hair Growth Simulator
  • Study of the Japanese researcher proves that the applying of black tea would help stimulate the hair growth of your hair.
  1. Premature Aging Prevention
  • Black tea also act as the premature aging for the skin due to its attributes of antioxidants and polyphenols.
  1. One of the happiness factor
  • It is also believed that drinking black tea regularly would help improving your happiness by hundredfold more.
  1. Diarrhea Treatment
  • It is also true that drinking black tea is a good diarrhea treatment. Therefore next time you have issue with the Diarrhea, black tea is also one of the good alternative solution for it.

Hopefully by reading this short article, you would be able to gain a better understanding on the Benefits of Black tea. 

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