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15 Benefits of Bone Broth in Our Food – Cooking Hale



Benefits of Bone Broth – In cooking, we often used stocks and broths to make our food even more delicious than they should be, but do you that there are benefits of bone broth that may or may not be apparent? We know that broths and stocks are delicious if consumed alone (and they can be even more tasty if you add it as an additive), but what we do not know is the fact that broths and stocks actually adds something healthy to our body as well.

Usually, when something is heavenly tasty, that something is often unhealthy and not good to consume. That is not the case with bone broth, however, as there are actually health benefits that we can get from consuming bone broth (be it as additives or as a standalone food). What are those benefits? If you are curious about them, then make sure to read this article in its fullness because this article will sate your curiosity regarding bone broths.

Benefits of Bone Broth

Benefits of Bone Broth

It can cure cold

In movies (and in real life to some extend), people riddled with cold often get a chicken soup for something to eat. This is done not because of a baseless theory. More often than not, chicken soup contains chicken bone broth. The protein within chicken bone broth can heal your cold (or at least lessens its effect) by reducing the amount of mucus your body produces, opening a blocked pathway in your respiratory system, and giving you a nutrient that is easily digestible.

One more thing that I should point out is that chicken bone broth got amino acid cysteine within them, and you can be sure that it will be good for your cold riddled body.

It boosts your immunity

Our immune system is something that we ought to preserve or even strengthen. By consuming bone broth, you can get it h3er because bone broth contains lots of beneficial amino acids within it. Amino acids boosts immunity, and you will get lots of them in a cup of broth.

It strengthens your bones, teeth, and everything calcium related

Bone broths come from bones. Contained within all bones are calcium. If you drink bone broth, you are actually drinking a leftover calcium that the previous bone owner get. With a higher level of calcium within you, your bones and teeth will get h3er and more resilient to damage.

Be mindful that human bones have a strength threshold. Drinking lots of bone broths will not actually make your bones h3er than that of an ordinary human. Do not think that your bones will turn into a metal or whatever because it does not work that way.

It rehydrates your body better than water

But only if the bone broth got vegetables in it (you can actually make bone broth from vegetables. A flawed logic, I know, but it exists). When a bone broth got vegetables in it, you can be sure that the bone broth will contain a higher level of electrolytes. Do you know what electrolytes do? They hydrate you, and with a proper hydration, you will have another batch of good effects that will happen to your body.

It will make your skin shine like never before

Although it will do it with a reduced magnitude compared to eating foods with lots of vitamin E in it, I have to remind you that bone broths contain electrolytes. Electrolytes hydrate, and a good hydration will bring the shine out of your skin. A healthy skin will lead to…

A younger you

Yes you still grow old, but your skin does not have to grow old with you. If you consume bone broth, you will grow less wrinkles, therefore making you look younger than you are.

Muscles? No problem

Because bone broths contain protein, consuming bone broths can help you grow a muscle. If you aspire to be a body builder or whatever, you can include bone broth in your diet.

Consuming broths alone will not be enough though. You still have to exercise regularly and avoid sugary foods. Protein will only fix your torn muscle, not miraculously adding mass to them.

It will turn that frown upside down

Aside from the happiness that you get from eating tasty food, you will also satisfy the bacteria in your stomach. When your stomach bacteria are happy, you will be happy as well. Remember if you are hungry and you feel down? That is just the opposite.

It prevents a hole in your stomach

You guys may not know it, but there are people out there who is on a risk of having a hole in their stomach or their digestive system. These holes will make you even more susceptible to having constipation and diarrhoea, making your life miserable. When you drink a cup of bone broth, your body will react to it and it will seal some holes (if you have them) in your stomach or your intestine. The gelatine within a bone is the primary hero in the role.

It replaces meat on the food table

If you are not a meat eater while not being a vegan or vegetarian at the same time, you can replace the meat with a bone broth because every good things contained within a meat can be found in a cup of bone broth as well.

It will relieve you of joint pain

In a bone broth is something called Glucosamine. Glucosamine protects your join and make them less prone to damages. Sure you can get your daily Glucosamine from pills, but pills do not taste good am I right? Beside that, bone broth is MUCH more healthier than consuming pills alone.

Inflammations will be cured

When our body catch a cold, it is usually caused by an inflammation or inflammations. To fight that, we have Glutamine. Do you know where can we find lots of Glutamine? A healthy serving of bone broth! Drinking bone broth will help lessen the bad effects of inflammation, making the cold less likely to develop into something far worse.

Your nails lacked integrity? Bone broth!

If your nail is a tad bit fragile, consuming bone broth can help you strengthen your nails.

Make your food even healthier

We often put inorganic additives in our food so that it will be tasty. Unfortunately, they are often unhealthy because they are not organic. Bone broth is an organic additive, so it will make your food tasty with less health risk.

It helps you lose weight

There is a study that tells me we got a bacteria in our body called Firmicutes. If you have that bacteria in your body, your calorie intake will soar. If you have less of them, your calorie intake will be lessened, making you gain weight slower than you would if you have lots of Firmicutes. This is possibly the most unbelievable from all of the benefits of bone broth, but at least there is a base for the theory.

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