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Top 15 Health Benefits of Almond Milk



For you all that did not know what is that Almond milk maybe wondering about how is the taste of it? What benefit that we can get if we drink the Almond milk? And other, you guys have to try to drink this almond milk. Because I’m going to tell you about the benefits of almond milk.

Almond milk is getting really famous right now, because drinking almond has already being a trending healthy activity right now, almond milk is the perfect choice for you guys that bored with the taste of normal milk, because almond milk taste better than the normal one. But of course, the protein and the calcium on almond milk not as good as the normal milk.

But that does not mean that almond milk does not have any benefit at all, you need to know that almond also have a good benefit for health and this almond milk is really suitable for you guys that want to have a diet program. Not only that, consuming almond milk can prevent any dangerous and risking sickness too you know.

Almond Nut

You guys need to know that just like it name (Almond Milk), this milk is made from the essence of Almonds. The almond nuts are rich in zinc, manganese, magnesium, selenium, natrimun, iron calcium, copper, phosphorus, fiber, tryptophan amino acids and Vitamin E. these substances are very useful to keep our body healthy, which is why the almond milk is also healthy because the milk is extracted from the essence of almonds.

After knowing all of those almonds substances, now you guys can be sure to consume the almond milk right? You all don’t need to worry about anything, try to drink it every day and feel the benefits.

Oh and of course, this almond milk is also suitable for Vegetarians who want to get the healthy benefits of almond milk.

Almond Milk Contents

As I already mention above, we all know that almond milk is made from the essence of almonds, but right after the almonds made into milk, here is the main content of the almond milk

  • Calories 60 calories
  • Fiber 1 gram
  • Fat 2,5 gram
  • potassium 180 ml
  • protein 2 gram
  • carbohydrate 10 gram
  • sugar 7 gram
  • calcium 200 ml

as you can see that almond milk has a lower protein than a normal milk in general, so it mean that this milk cannot be a replacement as a babies milk or a children that still need a formula milk as a replacement for breast milk.

So now we know that almond milk is not safe to be consumed by the babies, because babies need a lot of protein for their body, so that they can always be healthy. Almond milk can only be consumed by the adults.

The Benefits of Almond Milk

After knowing all of the things above, the information and also the content of almond milk, now it is time to know about the benefits of almond milk. Here is some benefits that we can get from the almond milk.

Prevent heart disease

For all the people that want to prevent the heart disease, it is really recommended to drink this almond milk, almond milk have all the content that is needed to keep our heart healthy, so if you guys want to prevent the heart disease, the easiest thing to do that is do exercise and drink this almond milk after.


Suitable for Vegetarians

For all of you that are having a diet or you all that basically vegetarians who do not want to consume animal products. You guys can consume almond milk to keep your body energized or keep the nutrition in your body in balance. Almond milk is also a vegetable products, so it meant that is good for the vegetarians to consume because it does not have the risk to get a cholesterol after consuming it.


So by drinking the almond milk, you guys can still get the nutrition from the animal product without have to consume them directly.


Prevents skin damage

One of these beverage vegetable products has very high antioxidant properties. So it means that this almond milk will helps to strengthen the cell membranes of our body that make it avoid cell damage. That is why this skin is very good for our skin health. And of course, skin damage that we get from the sun exposure for too long can be avoided with almond milk drinks.


Reduce the risk of getting cancer

We all know that we all need Vitamin E to ward off the free radicals that can cause a chronic disease such as cancer. And we all know that almonds is rich with Vitamin E, that is why the antioxidant of vitamin E on the almond milk will reduce the growth of cancer cells in our orgasm.


Good for pregnant condition

Almond milk can also make our regeneration cell work better and it is also good for shaping our body. Almond milk for a pregnant person can make the baby inside her growth perfectly. The risk for baby getting born as a crimple can be escaped if the mother consumed almond milk when in pregnancy


Streamlining digestive system

We know that almond milk rich in fiber, so do we know that fiber is needed by the body to help the digestive system, which is why consuming almond milk is good for digestive system.


Supporting the diet program

Almond milk contains a lot of substances that will give you more energy to do more exercise. Almond milk also had less calories and fat than the normal milk. That can help your diet perfectly.


Reduce the risk of getting stroke

Since almond milk contain the good cholesterol it will be good for our blood, and the risk of getting cholesterol will be reduce.


Good for bones

Just like any other milk, almond milk can make you bone healthy, because almond milk also had a lot of calcium.


Prevent the osteoporosis

While for adults, we know that adult need at least 30% calcium for our entire body every day so that we can escape the risk of getting osteoporosis.


Replacement for cow milk

20% people in this world, have allergic with cow milk, but almond milk is here to help those people.


Strengthen the teeth

The Vitamin D, and calcium in almond also needed for our teeth, drinking almond milk every day will make our teeth healthy.


A healthy drink for people that have diabetes

For people that have diabetes must have to avoid sugar from food and drink, a milk always have contain a sugar in it to make it taste good, but if you guys drink almond milk without sugar, it will still taste good.


Make your skin brighter

The Vitamin E on almond milk can make our skin look brighter, and of course all people want this right, especially for ladies.


Prevent premature aging

Premature aging can be caused because we don’t consume enough antioxidant, and with consuming almond milk every day, we also consuming antioxidant every day.

There are still so many other benefits of almond milk, so you guys can consume it with no worries.