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Top 15+ Benefits of Carrots You Should Know



Who don’t know carrot? This favorite food of Bugs Bunny is very popular. We can find this vegetable in every part of the world. Despite of the wonderful color and the delicious taste of carrot, there are a lot of advantages we can get from it. Just keep reading the article to find out the benefits of carrots for your health.

Carrots: Overview

Carrot or Daucus Carota in its Latin name is very popular vegetable. You can find it in various cultural cuisine and dishes. The vegetable comes from the family of Umbelliferrous or Apecaeae. You can just eat it raw or cook it into various delicious meals. Carrot is actually root vegetable which comes in many amazing colors such as orange, black, though purple, red, yellow, and white. This crunchy vegetable is native to southwestern Asia and Europe. But many historians believe that this vegetable is originally from Persia.

Benefits of Carrots

Benefits of Carrots

Most people cultivate it for its edible roots and leaves. Carrots are very rich of beneficial substances such as beta carotene, minerals, vitamin A, antioxidants and much more. Furthermore, the vegetable is important source of vitamin K, C, B8, potassium, copper, folate, iron, manganese, and pantothenic acid. That is why carrot is considered as very healthy source for human body.

The most common part of the vegetable to be eaten is the taproot though people also use the leaves in salad or number of dishes sometimes. Most carrots we can find today are planted in China. They are exported across the world to be added in soups or salads. This healthy vegetable can also be made for various snacks, cakes, side dishes and are essential materials in a lot of recipes. Most people love to eat the vegetable due its sweet taste and unique crunchy texture.

The Benefits of Carrots for Your Health

Eating carrots can be very beneficial for you. Here are some benefits of carrots that you need to know.

Lower Blood Pressure

The first benefit of carrot that you can get is that the vegetable can help you to lower your blood pressure. This is because this amazing vegetable contains high potassium which can be the best vasodilator for you your blood vessels. It can boost the blood circulation, improve organ function, and lower the stress in your cardiovascular.

Increase Immunity

The next benefit you can get is that the vegetable can help you to increase your immunity system. The antibacterial and antiseptic substance contained by carrot makes it the best source to increase your immune system. Moreover, the vitamin C contained in this material is can stimulate the work of leukocyte in your body.

Help in Digestion

Carrot can also be very beneficial for your digestion. Just like the other health vegetables, carrot is also high in fiber that is very good for your digestion. The fiber you find in the vegetable can stimulate the works of peristaltic in your digestive system.

Prevent Cancer

This root vegetable also contains beta carotene. This is the perfect substance that can help you to avoid cancer. Consuming materials with 1.7 up 2.7 mg of beta carotene a day can help you to lower the risk of lung cancer up to 40%.

Lower Macular Degeneration Risk

Consuming carrots regularly can also help you to lower the risk of macular degeneration. This is a condition mostly experienced by elderly in which the function of macular in their body decreases.

Improve Eyesight

Carrot is a vegetable which is very popular with its rich vitamin A. The substance is very beneficial to make your sight clearer. This is the best source to improve your eyesight and avoid night blindness people often experience when they grow older.

Increase Oral Health

The next benefit you can get form consuming this healthy material is that you can increase your oral health. This is because the vegetable contains good mineral antioxidants which are very beneficial to improve the works of gums.

Lower the Risk of Stroke

This root vegetable has long term benefit for your health. It can help you to reduce the risk of stroke you might experience when you grow older. Studies show that consuming this vegetable regularly every day will help you to lower the stroke risks up to 60%.

Control Diabetes

If you are a kind of person who likely has higher risk to suffer from diabetes, then this vegetable is the right choice to consume. Because of the existence of carotenoids in the vegetable, carrot can be a good source to maintain your sugar blood level. The substance can help you to stimulate the sugar regulation in your blood.

Avoid Heart Disease

Consuming carrots can help you to lower your cholesterol level. That is why the vegetable is one of the best foods you can eat to avoid heart disease since the illness is commonly caused by the high level of cholesterol found in your blood.

Treating Skin Scars

This crunchy vegetable is also beneficial to treat skin scars. You can put the carrot pulps on your face to treat the scars.

Anti – Ageing Source

Carrot is rich of vitamin C that can help your body to produce collagen. This substance is very crucial in maintaining your skin elasticity so it will less wrinkle. This is the best source to help you prevent skin ageing.

Dental Health Benefit

Carrots can be very beneficial for your dental health since they can erase food particles and plaque in your teeth. The vegetable also help you to improve the production of saliva which can prevent the formation of bacteria in your mouth.

Source of Calcium

Carrot is also rich of calcium which is very important for the growth of bones and teeth.

Treatment for Hair Loss

Carrot is not only beneficial for your skin, but it can also help you to treat your hair loss problems. This is because the vegetable is very rich of vitamins that can make your hair grow thicker, stronger and shinier.

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Top 15+ Benefits of Eating Apples



15 Remarkable Benefits of Eating Apples – You can get benefits of eating apples for sure. This fruit one has important nutrients, be it Vitamin B-complex (riboflavin, vitamin B-6, and thiamin), vitamin C, dietary fiber, phytonutrients, and also minerals (phosphorus, calcium, and potassium). Looking at those nutrients, there are possible health benefits in this fruit. So, what are they? Let’s know it further.

Preventing dementia

As you might know, dementia is a neurodegenerative disorder which can affect elder people. This disorder has a close relation too with Alzheimer’s disease. If you wish to reduce the risk of getting this disease, you may want to try eating apples from now on. It is said that apples can reduce the risk. It is good to eat to prevent dementia. You can get benefit for your neurological health.

Get over from diarrhea and constipation

Diarrhea and constipation can affect anyone. You may find yourself or people around you getting this disease. In order to make it stop, you can try to eat apples. Apples are known as a great fruit which can beat the disease. It can be done by a help of fiber in apples. Eating apples can slow down your bowels. This is when you can get out of diarrhea. It can also pull out the water of the colon to keep things moving along there.

Reduce the risk of developing cancers

Reducing the risk of developing cancer cells in the breast, liver, and colon can be done by eating apples. Consumption of flavonol-rich in this fruit is what can give you this benefit.

Reduce the risk of stroke

Stroke can affect anyone. You may even have a risk of this disease. In order to avoid this disease, eating apples can be a way. There has been a study who states that people who eat apples may less develop a risk of stroke.

Preventing hemorrhoids

A swollen vein found in the anal canal is called hemorrhoids. This is not life threatening, but it is still upsetting. Bad hemorrhoids can make you uncomfortable to sit on well. Pressure in rectal and pelvic areas is the main cause of this disease. Consuming fiber can be a help for the sufferers. You can get the fiber by eating apples. Therefore apples can help you recover from hemorrhoids.

Get a health liver

Liver has important roles in your body. It is responsible for many things happen in the body. One of responsible it have is clearing toxins out of the body. If it gets affected, it will bring your no good at all. In order to maintain a healthy liver, eating apples can be done. Apples can detoxify your liver and makes it healthy all the time.

Protect you from Parkinson’s

It is mentioned above that eating apples can prevent you from getting Alzheimer’s and dementia. Eating apples is also believed to protect you from Parkinson’s. This disease is another kind of neurodegenerative disorders.

Preventing gallstones

Gallstones may appear because there is too much cholesterol in the bile. It remains as a liquid and solidifies over time. Experts suggest getting a high fiber for diet. Eating fiber can help the sufferers to control cholesterol levels and the weight. Here you can get the fiber from eating apples.

Losing weight

Apples contain high water and fiber. As you might know, fiber gives many benefits when it is consumed. Along with water, these two can help you to get weight loss. You can get a full feeling just by eating apples. This way, apples may aid weight loss.

Reducing the risk of diabetes

Diabetes is one of diseases which can be dangerous. Many people may die caused by this disease. Type 2 diabetes is the most common case for this disease. There is a study somehow. It is said that eating apples can reduce the risk of getting the disease. People who eat apples regularly may get this benefits compared with those who don’t eat apples. Soluble fiber contained by apples can blunt blood sugar swings.

Whitening teeth

Although apple can whiten your teeth, it cannot be said it can replace your toothbrush. Eating apples are just good to whiten your teeth and give healthier teeth.

Get your heart healthier

Who doesn’t want to have a healthier heart? You all must have wanted this one. Heart disease may lead to death. There have been many cases of death caused by heart diseases. If you can avoid this disease, you better do it by now. Do you know that apples can help you get a healthier heart? Sometimes, there is cholesterol-rich plaque in arteries. This is not a good thing. When the plaque gets many of them, it may aid to coronary artery disease. Get a high soluble fiber intake is suggested therefore. You can get it by eating apples.

Boost up immune system

Having a great immune system can help you avoiding any disease. You should eat healthy food and get some exercises to do so. Talking about healthy food, you may want to eat apples to get better immune system. It is said that eating apples can boost up the immune system. It can work like that because of antioxidant in the red apples. Quercetin is an antioxidant in the apples which can give you great immune system.

Reducing cholesterol

You must have noticed that too much cholesterol is not good for the body. It can bring you to diseases, so it is better to control cholesterol level of your body. An interesting fact appears which states that apples can reduce cholesterol. Apples are high soluble fiber. It can bind with fats in the intestine. It means you can lower the level of cholesterol in the body and be healthier.

Preventing cataracts

Eating apples can lead to have less chance of getting this disease. Reducing the risk of getting cataracts can be done by eating fruits which contain rich antioxidant. One of those fruits you can eat is an apple.

This is the end of what we can give to you. Hope this information about benefits of eating apples can be useful.

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Top 15+ Benefits of E Cigs



15 Potential Benefits of E Cigs You Should Know – You must have been familiar with e cigs. Some people say there are many benefits of e cigs. For your information, e cigs stands for electronic cigarette. This is a new way of smoking in the society. To replace the term smoking, vaping is a term to depict smoking using e cigs. Nowadays, we can see people use this e cig more than conventional cigarette. To know more about the benefits it can give, let’s check them out below.

Majority toxic chemicals are absent in e cigs

For your information, e cigs create an aerosol. This is commonly called vapor. E cigs work by heating a liquid. Later on, it will generate an aerosol or vapor of which the user inhales. It is mentioned that exact composition of aerosol may vary on each e cigs. The important thing is that the majority toxic chemicals are absent in e cigs compared with tobacco. In short, it can be said it is better in the form of its toxic chemicals.

To circumvent smoke-free policies and laws

Most of states limit the smokers to smoking freely in the public places. There are even clear laws and policies about that. This may be upsetting for smokers in which they cannot smoke at ease. The rise of e cigs gives a chance to smokers to circumvent smoke-free policies and laws.

E cigs are odor free

Tobacco cigarette often leaves an offensive aroma. It can linger on the hair, shirt, and others. You will find nothing like that in e cigs. That is why this cigarette is odor free.

Reduce the risk of fire outbreaks

Cigarettes often cause fire outbreaks. As you know already, inflammable substances and cloth material is easy to burn. When cigarette gets contact with those things, it can create fire outbreaks. It is different from electronic cigarette. E cigs tend to be safer than tobacco cigarette since it doesn’t need fire.

Numerous options

Numerous colors and styles of e cigs are a good thing to look at. E cigs are stylish and very handy. You can find this cigarette in various shape and size too which makes you get many options. If you are planning to buy one, you can take a look at various styles, colors, and more by online. If there is a particular store you want to visit has an online store, you can take a look at the available e cigs first.

Giving less lethal pleasure

Tobacco cigarette gives lethal pleasure. In the opposite, e cigs give you different pleasure. For your information, there are various flavors for e cigs. You can meet bubble gum, vanilla, sweet corn, strawberry, and more. This is surely pleasing since you can opt for different flavors each time you change the liquid used in the e cigs.

Recreational use

E cigs contain things which can lead the users to get pleasure feeling. In this way, we can say that there is a recreational use of e cigs.

To quit or cut down smoking

Many smokers try to use e cigs and leave the traditional smoking. These smokers turn into vapers. Some of them use it to cut down the way they smoking or even to quit from smoking.

Vapers can be discreet

There are not many smokers who want to let others know that they are smoking. Unlike the smokers, vapers can be more discreet about this one. They tend to vape at ease in front of many people.

E cigs are cheaper in some jurisdictions

Many people agree that e cigs can be cheaper than tobacco cigarettes. As you might know, e cigs need liquid-nicotine cartridges. Cost comparison has been done between the two cigarettes and it is said that e cigs are cheaper in some jurisdictions. It is even stated that e cigs are 40% cheaper than tobacco cigarette.

Vaping is healthier than smoking

Toxic chemicals in e cigs are less than in traditional smoking. Tar which is included as hazardous contained in tobacco cigarette is not found in e cigs. It makes people believe that vaping is healthier.

Saving more money

It is mentioned above that e cigs are cheaper in the matter of cost. Cost comparison done by some people show that this new way of smoking cost less than conventional smoking. As you know already, smoking can spend all of your money. People who are heavy smokers can spend a pack of tobacco cigarette in a day or more. This is surely not good. If you wish to save some money, you may want to choose e cigs. E cigs will give you new experience of smoking and it will help you saving some money for sure.

Reduce cigarette litter in public places

You must have noticed that cigarette litter is serious problem in the society. It is found that cigarette is the most common item found in the beach clean-ups. Cigarette litter should have been avoided as soon as possible. Some states have prohibited their people smoking in beaches. It is believed to reduce cigarette litter found in the ocean. If you are intending to help reducing cigarette litter in the society, you can start to change from conventional smoking into vaping. E cigs are surely litter-free. It won’t leave any single trace which can be said as a litter.

Reduce pollution in the environment

We have mentioned to you that using e cigs may aid to reduce cigarette litter. In this case, no more cigarette litter means we reduce one kind of environment pollutions in our surrounding. It should have been good news.

More spaces to vape

If you don’t want to be limited, you may want to choose e cigs rather than tobacco cigarette. Vaping has more spaces compared with conventional smoking. You can vape anywhere and anytime unlike the traditional one.

We have come to an end here. Those are things you can take as new knowledge about benefits of e cigs.

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Top 15+ Benefits of Dry Brushing



Benefits of dry brushing. Dry brushing is the way of cleaning your body skin with dry brush which you can purchase in any nearby convenience household store. The dry brushing method is likely an ancient method of healing said to be originated from India where it was called the “Gharsana”. The purpose of this method is to send the unwanted metabolic waste to the liver and kidney for it to be eliminated from the body. This method of dry brushing was usually practiced with the combination of drying and stimulating powdered herbs such as triphala, black pepper, ginger and trikatu in order to improve the body circulation and get rid of the metabolic waste from the body. Simply said, the dry brush cleaning method is for the purpose of “body detoxification process”.

In order for you to have a better understanding on the full benefits of the dry brushing, these are the following lists of benefits of dry brushing you would like to get acquainted with:

Cellulite Detoxification

  • As mentioned above, Detoxification is the main purpose of conducting the dry brushing cleaning. Human body usually contains toxic deposit of fibrous tissue and subcutaneous fat material which are also usually called “Cellulite”. Cellulite might affect women and men of any size and but still mostly occur on the hips and thighs of women. Using the dry brushing method of skin cleaning, it could get rid of the cellulite by break down this metabolic waste and toxin material and send them scurrying out the body.

Lymph system Cleansed

  • Dry brushing method helped cleansed the body’s lymph system. Lymph is one of the immune system within our body. The system consist of white blood cells which are called the lymphocytes and interstitial fluids that bring nutrients to our cells, bath our cells, and remove the waste from the cells. The first part of human body’s detoxification process comes from the lymph. The human body contains less blood than lymph therefore you can see that this is one of the important part of the body as well. If the lymph contains the proteins and other particulate matter are stuck in somewhere within our body and unable to reach the body’s circulatory system then those proteins would become toxic and eventually leads to swollen limbs, ankles and might leaking fluid from the skin. Thus, dry brushing would help keep the lymph system clean and have unobstructed flow going.

 Removes layers of dead skin

  • Dry brushing also help shedding the dead skin cells. By removing the dead skin cells, the skin texture would be regenerated and the skin texture would be improved. Thus, it is recommended that the dry brushing cleansing is conducted daily to keep the skin regenerated and new in daily basis.

Immune system strengthened 

  • This is also one of the strong benefit of dry brushing. Stimulating the lymph vessel by dry brushing would resulting in the purification of the entire lymph system. The purified system might accelerate the clearance of toxin and reduce the period of infection significantly. It aids the body’s immune system during the infection of cancer and also other kind of chronic illness treatment as well.

Hormone and Oil glands stimulator

  • By stimulating the hormone and oil glands, our body systems would be able to function at its maximum efficiency possible. You need to know that the largest organ in human body is the skin which cover all of the human body. And if the skin is not maintained properly, then the elimination duty which should be conducted by the skin would have to be done by the kidneys and therefore causing extra work and stress to the kidneys. The overworked organs could easily get sick and would surely be damaged eventually. So help yourself by cleaning the skin with dry brushing properly and save your own kidneys.

Tightens the skin

  • The dry brushing tighten your skin by increasing the flow of blood within your body. This resulting in the clean new layer to come into the surface of your skin. You would be able to obtain new smoother skin than before.

Tones the muscle

  • Dry brushing could help with toning the muscle by stimulating the nerve endings. This would cause the muscle fibers in the individual to be active even more and moving. This benefit of dry brushing is usually used by therapists to treat the invalids.

Circulation Stimulator

  • This cleansing method also increase the circulation moment of the skin granting the body to discharge of metabolic waste. This would cause you to feel invigorated and refreshed. Activating the circulation movement would allow you to prevent varicose veins.

Nervous system rejuvenated

  • This cleansing method also capable of rejuvenating the entire nervous system of the body. The reason is this method stimulate the nerve endings in the body skin.

Skin Nutrients Digestion

  • Dry brushing eliminated the clogged pores so that the skin would be able to absorb the nutrients properly. And the healthy skin plays a big part in the overall of human body health.

Aid with Pregnancy Swelling

Saves money

  • Because of the improved circulation and the increased in the blood flow, you would be able to obtain tighter and firmer skin. Therefore there is no longer for you to buy the expensive toxic cream anymore.

Smooth and Bright Skin

  • Due to the shedding of the old toxic skin by the dry brushing, the new regenerated skin would have brighter and smoother skin than before.

Stress Reliever

  • Dry brushing the skin is like a massage to the skin. Therefore it might help reducing the tension of your muscles and calm your mind while you are cleansing. This would surely help you in relieving your stress.


  • Dry brushing always makes the body feels good and invigorating. Because the entire skin of your body is cleansed and purified as if you have just been born. This kind of feeling is sometimes makes an individual feels addicted to dry brushing.
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Top 15+ Benefits of Drinking Water



Benefits of drinking water. Water is the one thing which exist in this world as the best eternal “Company” for every living things in the world. The world without water would surely be a dead world. For humans, human body is comprised of overall 60% water inside. Therefore it is necessary to keep your body always flowing with fresh water for the health of your body. Water plays an important part in our body as our human body is unable to stay alive without drinking water. A human body without drinking water would be dead of dehydration. The dehydration would cause the malfunction of the vital organs in the human body and therefore the body would cease to function and died eventually. But do you know that the benefit of drinking water is not only to keep the body from dying? There are lots of other benefits from drinking water as well. Here are the benefits of drinking water which you might not know about:

Skin Aging Treatment

  • Drinking certain amount of water is a great natural treatment for the skin which is made of many cells in the body. Water would be able to bring about the optimum skin moisture and also capable of delivering the necessary nutrients towards the skin cells. By having the necessary nutrients fulfilled at all times, the skin tissue could always be replenished and the elasticity would be increased as well. Thus would result in the delay of aging appearances such as wrinkles and other fine lines.

Media of Transportation within the body

  • Every part of organs inside the human body are connected through “nerves” which makes the whole human body functional. The nerves is actually a tiny waterway which the water flows through. Therefore if the flow of water within the nerve is distorted by something, those certain organ with the distorted nerve might get distorted as well. Thus will resulting in the malfunction of certain organs in the body.

Proper digestion and nutrient absorption

  • Water helps the body with proper digestion process of the body and also provide effective nutrient absorption to the body. With proper amount of water in the body, the nutrient from the consumed foods would be able to be fully absorbed by the body and not wasted away through the digestion. It is a pity that if we have to waste away all the nutrients and proteins in the expensive foods we consumed due to the lack of water in the body. Some things such as sugar and carbs are quickly absorbed by the body therefore even the slightest aspect of dehydration within the body might cause the body to gain calories without the nutrition absorbed.

Natural Diet ingredient

  • Drinking water would make your body healthy and is also one of the ingredient in a natural diet. Drinking “pure water” would enable the liver within human body have more time to spend with in metabolizing fat rather than eliminating toxins which are harmful to the human body. Drinking tap water or sometimes bottled water might still contains small amount of toxins which need to be “processed and eliminated” by the liver. Craving for food is also one of the result which is caused by the lack of water consumed. And drinking pure water might alleviate this craving and you would not gain extra weight because of it.

Healthy Muscle

  • Drinking proper amount of water would grant you healthy muscle in your body. Having enough water in the body would keep the muscle contraction normal and help the muscle avoid muscular cramps. Thus it would help you in more exercise resulting in stronger and healthier body.

Water Retention

  • Water is an essential part for any organ in the body. Brain for example is the most vital organ in the body. But the brain is also a bit selfish because it controls over other organs in the body. If it feels that the amount of water is scarce in the brain storage, then the brain would begin to treat this a water scarce emergency threat. The brain then would start store more water than usual in the body thus causing certain parts in the body to be swollen.


  • This is one of the good benefit of drinking water. Detoxification is a crucial process part in the body which is used to flush out the unwanted toxins in the body. The toxins may enter the body throughout the consumed food, inhaling air from unhealthy environment, touching contaminated materials and many other possibilities in our daily lives activities. Therefore, by drinking water, we are purifying the body the toxin itself. And the more water we drink, the more purified our body is.

Prevent illness and sickness

  • The possibilities of infected by common illness such as the Headache, back pain, hypertension, fatigue, asthma, ulcers and even hangovers could be significantly reduced drinking lots of water. And if possible, try to drink more pure water than drinking from the tap or bottled water.

Natural Healer

  • Drinking a lot of water would give you constant powerful regeneration of your entire body. For example, the bones, organs, hair, skins and other body functions are mostly dependent on your daily intake of water.

Prevent and Treat Headache

  • Headache is one of the common illness occurred due to many possibilities. Maybe from dehydration or any other infection.

 Kidney Stone Treatment

  • Kidney stone is the painful clump of mineral crystal located in the urinary system. And drinking water is the easiest and cheapest treatment process for the kidney stone illness.

Boosting Immune System

  • Drinking plenty of water help boosting the immunity system of the body. It would help fight against strong dangerous disease such as the cancer, heart attacks, and other ailments.

Grant you good mood

  • You would surely be in good mood when your body is in good shape and in your best form.

Cramp and Sprains prevention

  • When the body is lubricated and muscles are elastic, surely the joint pain is less likely to happen.

Save Money

  • This is the best and cheapest health product for the body compared to the other multivitamins products.
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Top 15+ Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water



15 Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water – It seems like lemon water is getting popular these days. For those who realize the benefits of drinking lemon water will definitely fall in love with this magical and healthy drink. There are many restaurants that serve lemon water for their customers. Many people who consider their health will choose to replace coffee  or tea that they usually have every morning with warm lemon water. Lemons are, indeed, very delicious and fresh. But what makes people love it is the fact that they are not just delicious, but they are also very good for your health. What are the benefits of drinking lemon water?

Prevents dehydration

The normal dietary reference intake that people need for water is about 91 up to 125 ounces. What is meant by water here is the water that you can take from food and drinks. As we know, water is the best source that can promote hydration. However, there are some people who do not really like drinking plain water as much as they need. That is why, adding lemon into the plain water is one of the tricks in order to enhance the taste of water, so that those who do not like mineral water will be encouraged to drink more.

Contains vitamin C

Citrus fruits, one of the examples is lemon, are known as some of the best sources of vitamin C. Vitamin C is very beneficial to protect your cells from free radicals. As we know, free radicals can easily damage your healthy cells. That is why, protecting your cells by consuming antioxidant from vitamin C will help you get a healthier body.

Besides, vitamin C can also reduce the risk of suffering several diseases like stroke, high blood pressure, and any other cardiovascular diseases. Some research proved that people who have high blood pressure and has a low level of vitamin C have a higher risk of suffering stroke than those who have enough vitamin C level.

Maintains your skin health

Did you know that vitamin C can prevent your skin from wrinkling? In fact, it surely can. Vitamin C that you find in lemon can reduce the skin wrinkling problem. The American Society for Clinical Nutrition revealed that people who regularly consume vitamin C have much less risk of having dry skin and wrinkle.

It is, indeed, true that how significant water can improve the skin health is still debatable. However, there is one certain thing, at least. Many researchers and health experts agree that if the skin loses its moisture, it will automatically become dehydrated and dry. If it is too dry, the wrinkle will automatically appear. It is still debatable whether or not drinking water is better than applying moisturizer in preventing the wrinkle. However, drinking enough amount of water (at least eight glasses per day) is still recommended in order to avoid dehydration and to get rid of any toxins.

Promotes weight loss.

The next point included in the benefits of drinking lemon water is to promote weight loss. How can lemon lose your weight? Lemon contains antioxidants called polyphenol that can burn your body’s fat. Besides, it can also improve the resistance of insulin.

Helps digestion

Lemon can prevent constipation. That is why, it is good for you to drink lemon in the morning after waking up in order to promote the move of your digestive system. If your body can digest your food more easily, it can also hinder the toxins to build up inside your body.

Freshens breath

Lemon is known as one of the alternatives to neutralize or remove odors instantly. So. It is also understandable if lemon is said to be beneficial to help you get rid of the bad breath. The unpleasant smell of breath can be caused by garlic or fish that you consumed. In order to keep your breath fresh, you can drink a glass of lemon after having meals.

The bad breath can be also caused by the dry mouth that leads to the faster growth of bacteria. Lemon water can help you produce more saliva to prevent the dry mouth.

Reduce the risk of having kidney stones

The calcium kidney stones can be prevented from building up by consuming citric acid that found in the lemon. Drinking lemon water regularly can prevent the calcium stones to build up thanks to the citric acid and water.

Heals joint pain

For those who are quite active at the gym and often experiment joint or muscle pain, lemon water is one of the solutions to relieve the pain.

Increases your liver function

Lemon water can stimulate your liver to produce more enzymes that your body needs. That is why, drinking lemon water can also maintain your liver health. It can also help your liver to release any harmful toxins.

Avoids respiratory infections

Lemon contains anti-inflammatory compound that can prevent any respiratory problems caused by infections, such as tonsil inflammation, sore throats, etc.

Strengthens your immune system

One of the benefits of drinking lemon water is that it can increase your immune system. It is possible to happen because lemon contains powerful antioxidant which is widely known to be able to protect your body from free radicals.

Helps to reduce anxiety symptoms

The potassium compound that can be found in lemon water can be beneficial to reduce stress, depression, or any other anxiety symptoms. For your information, anxiety is believed to occur when your blood does not have enough amount of potassium.

Regulates high blood pressure

By consuming one lemon each day, you can reduce your high blood pressure up to 10%. Because lemon is good to reduce high blood pressure and the risk of cardiovascular diseases, the heartburn that you feel may also be reduced with the help of this lemon water.

Maintains your pregnancy

Lemon water can be considered as adaptogen due to the amount of vitamin C within. This adaptogen is beneficial to assist your body to fight various viruses, especially during pregnancy.

Prevent cancer

Many experts believe that lemon can prevent and help you cure several types of cancer. However, in some cases, chemotherapy and radiation therapy are still needed.

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